Cold-pressed juices are the most recommended for detox diets and by nutritionists for their high quantity of nutrients and vitamins. What makes these juices so nutricious, natural and delicious is the technology with which they’re made. While traditional juice, generally made with a traditional extractor, does not conserve all its nutrients, a cold-pressed juice can have a higher nutritional value and a longer lifespan through its production process.

What’s the difference between traditional extractors and Cold-press technology?

Traditional juice extractors are the most-used technology in the concentrate market of both fruit and vegetable juice. By being older and more traditional technology, it does not produce the same quality of juice as a cold-press extractor. These juices do not have the same nutrients and have a far shorter shelf-life, a day at most. This means they end up generating high losses and also give less nutritional value to consumers.

Traditional extractors use a fast-spinning hot blade to destroy the fruit or vegetable and turn them into concentrate. Being a process that uses heat, it destroys enzymes in the fruits and vegetables, reducing the quantity of vitamins and nutrients.

However, Cold-press technology conserves all enzymes during its process of extraction, producing a juice with a higher amount of vitamins and nutrients. Another advantage over traditional methods of extraction is that the process retains all of the foodstuff’s fiber and pulp. 

How are cold-pressed juices made?

Cold-pressed juices are made in two artesanal steps that conserve all nutrients. First, the machines crush all fruit and vegetables without using heat or oxidation. Then, a hydraulic press will use tons of pressure to squeeze all drops of juice from the food. In this way, from one kilogram of fruits and vegetables, it produces a delicious concentrate in a bottle. 

Why are they the juices most recommended by nutritionists?

They are the most recommended juices for three main reasons:

  1. Nutritional Value
    As we have previously mentioned, cold-press extraction makes it so juice contains a higher amount of nutrients, fiber and pulp. For this reason, they’re healthier for people in comparison to traditional juices.
  2. Shelf-life
    They have a longer shelf-life due to not burning or oxidating the fruits and vegetables, so the juice can be kept for longer periods of time.
  3. Flavor
    As it conserves 100% of its enzymes and pulp, these juices are more delicious than juices extracted traditionally. The flavor is far closer to that of the fruits and vegetables they come from.

Where can I buy cold-pressed juice?

iUnico helps more than 200 companies, restaurants, nutritionists, etc. to produce their brand of delicious and nutritious fruits. One of our highest recommended is Big Juice, which you can find in convenience stores like 7-Eleven.

You can also ask your doctor or nutritionist as to where you can buy these delicious fruit and vegetable concentrates. Many nutritionists are creating their own brands, with their recipes, to give their patients nutritious products that are fit for their specific consumption. iUnico helps them all in the creation of their recipes.